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"4.8-stars" - amazon readers

If you are a fan of Enid Blyton, Ruskin Bond or R.K. Narayan, this one is for you!

one summer in poleru

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A murder mystery in a rustic Indian village

A school in Poleru village is destined to be demolished by the authorities. As the summer begins, Renu and her band of energetic friends resolve to save the school. An act of public protest leads the girls to unwittingly expose an illegal land-deal racket run by powerful people. Things get worse when a politician linked to it gets brutally murdered. And then...

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What readers are saying

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“One Summer in Poleru” is the most astonishingly capable, ingenious and altogether a fast-paced crime thriller ever written by an Indian author.

Aditi Pathak - Amazon

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Absolute page turner! Totally worth the read. The book gets you hooked right from page 1 and you can’t put it down till you finish. Extremely well written and nail biting till the very end!

tabbu mortalia - amazon

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Well-written, vivid, rich with characters, descriptive setting, beautiful black & white illustrations pull you in the story. A debut should be like this one. Nanda is a talented promising author from India.

apoorv sethi - amazon

About Nanda kishore rajanala

Nanda Kishore Rajanala took to storytelling to express his fascination for nature and the adventures of life in the realms of class, religion, race, culture and society at large.

He enjoys assimilating and challenging the various dogmas in today’s society through his writings. He primarily writes for young adults and the inner child in you.

He lives with his wife and two children in Bangalore, India.

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